The Reinsurance Interest Group of the CPCU Society was formed in 1988 along with other interest groups as a means to channel Society members into groups that reflected their professional activities or personal interests. Many of the original interest groups could identify with a corresponding specialty designation offered by The Institutes. For example, the Claims Interest Group fit with the AIC designation, the Risk Management Interest Group fit with the ARM designation, and so on. It was with the urging of the Reinsurance Interest Group that The Institutes developed the Associate in Reinsurance designation. Members of the RIG Leadership Committee helped design and write the original textbooks, and there were individuals who served both on the RIG Leadership Committee and the initial ARe Advisory Committee. The ARe program was launched in 1990 and the ARe designation was first granted in 1991.

Members of the original Reinsurance Interest Group included:

Edwin Barber, CPCU 

Charles Erickson, CPCU 
Signet Reinsurance Company

Edward Fry, Jr., CPCU
Underwriting Consultant

Paul Hawksworth, CPCU 
Mercantile and General Reinsurance Company

Henry O’Shea, CPCU
Ashford Reinsurance Intermediates

Michael Pinter, CPCU 
Kemper Reinsurance

Charles Sutton, CPCU, ARM 
General Reinsurance Corporation

Steven Varga, CPCU 
Sullivan Payne